John Cole's Nursery trees rangeAt John Coles Nursery we grow and sell a wide variety of trees being evergreen and deciduous, various fruiting, natives or ornamental, not to mention our large range of general plants, including but not limited to

  • Ornamental
  • Roses
  • Cordylines
  • Pieris
  • Assorted Dianellas
  • Topiary Plants
  • Wide range of Lily-Pilys, from dwarf to tall
  • Magnolias (New 2007 release)
  • Kay Parris
  • Baby Grand
  • Little Gem

Our trees are well established, with a height ranging from 30cm to over 2 metres high. This means a tree from John Cole’s Nursery is more likely to thrive in a new environment, having a stronger root base and higher tolerance to the elements.

We have too many varieties to list, so we have just a few samples for you to see below. Please visit us to view our full range.