buygrowerdirectNew release Lilly Pillies

We are excited to introduce our new range of Lilly Pillies.  

Our latest addition Plum Magic is available from Saturday 19th September 2020.

Plum Magic

Plum Magic has been carefully selected for giving you intense colour and for creating small borders to fence high privacy screens.  It can be pruned to suit your individual needs with hedges from 50cm to fence height as well as various topiary styles.

Plum Magic has super attributes on holding its colour longer than all other Szygiums on the market. It’s new growth colour of rustic to plum, backed by rich dark green adult foliage giving you the illusion of being dark black plum coloured foliage.

Plum Magic also has a higher resistance to psyllid than other Szygiums. 


Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb has been selected carefully for colouring up and creating privacy in the garden.  Pruning creates hot flushes of intense cherry red new growth, then fading back with changing tones to green.

Cherry Bomb can be pruned to suit your individual needs.  It’s fast growing, dense foliage makes it an ideal choice for any size hedging.  It has a unique upright compact growth, making it the most versatile Syzygium on the market, enabling you to create the most amazing topiaries.

Little Dazza

Little Dazza has rich dark green leaves with a compact habit making it the perfect Syzygium for small to medium borders and a must for the Bonsai enthusiast.